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PowerClicker, a free and powerful mouse auto clicker, your great assistant in game playing(e.g, Roblox and Minecraft), online shopping, documents processing, and more! Free your hands from tedious clicks in games using PowerClicker right now! It supports left, right, and middle click/dobule click/click-hold/release. The click interval can vary from 0.001s to 999mins! And it can auto click at any point on the screen automatically up to 1000 times per second!

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Makes Your Game and Work More Efficient!

Optional Click Type

Support left, right, middle, and side mouse click, and more.

Multiple Click Events

Automatically clicks your mouse from within 0.001s to 999 mins

Support Global Hotkey

The hotkey can be freely selected according to your habits. Supports multiple hotkeys.

Running status visualization

When auto click starts, the app shows current status on screen.

Best Application Scenarios

Game Clicking

Use PowerClicker for automated clicks and manipulations in various computer games, instantly freeing your hands

Document Processing

When documents require a lot of mouse clicks, PowerClicker can help you click at the appropriate position automatically

Software Control

Use PowerClicker to quickly write keyboard and mouse macros, and find the most suitable lazy way for different software operations

Users' Voice


Some other mouse-assisted software on the market may only have mouse auto click function; However, PowerClicker supports not only mouse auto click and macros, it also supports mouse operation recording, mouse macros and other more operations.


Scripts can be customized for users to meet various needs of users in game, office, study, e-commerce, etc. And the emergence of the custom script function allows users to have unlimited creativity


PowerClicker has a simple interface, reasonable layout and easy-to-use functions, which makes my game and life more convenient! Thanks for the wonderful mouse wizard brought me


Other mouse auto clickers either carry various Trojan viruses or eat CPU resources, but PowerClicker is non-toxic and lightweight, it is really a must-have tool for everyone!

Supports various versions of Windows OS.

Fully runs on Windows 7/8/10/11. Downloadable from many software download stations.

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